Die Grinder Safety

Die grinders are a lifesaver for any apprentice welder, I don’t how I would have gotten through my first and second year without it. At one point my foreman asked me if I was a Welder or a “Grinder”? Thank goodness I got the hang of welding, unfortunately there’s no Red Seal program for grinding. Even though these little grinders are lifesavers, they can also be very hazardous. Take note of a few tips to keep die grinding a helper and not a mishap.

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do a pre-work inspection before every use. Make sure the rating of the disc or wheel is compatible with the grinder. Never remove or alter factory guards. Have a good stance, feet shoulder width apart and a good grip. Depending on the wheel, these grinders can have a lot of kick back, that usually heads straight for your face. So be cautious, have long hair tied back and make sure you are wearing all the proper PPE. Don’t forget to make sure you’re in a save environment to grind, no flammables or combustibles.

These grinders are little powerhouses, remember that goes for the injuries they can cause too. So always use caution when handling them. The best way to lower your risk… Is get better at welding, no grinder needed.

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