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Shutdown Season Part 1

For us trades people, shutdown season is a little love-hate. Lots of hard work, tons of hours and crazy long shifts… Usually in camp. On the plus side… It’s a ton of money. So much so, some workers just chase shutdowns, only work a few a year and are set for the rest of the […]

Food Safety (At Lunchtime)

After coming fresh off a ruined weekend, thanks to food poisoning… I thought we’d better go over some food safety tips. Hopefully, I can save you from a horrible weekend like I just endured. I can’t tell you how often I have seen workers leave their lunch on their lunch table all day. Food such […]

EWP Anchor Points

We obviously all know the importance of tying off while wearing fall protection and working on EWPs. But it’s not just as simple as attaching your lanyard to whatever is close by. It has to be done correctly; there are some serious do’s and don’ts in regard to tying off. Let’s go over them. When […]

Daylight Savings Time

I’m all for more sunlight during daytime hours, however; daylight savings can really mess with you, especially when we spring ahead and lose a whole hour of sleep. Most of us are probably dragging our feet a bit today. It’s amazing how losing one little hour can really throw you off. For some of us, […]