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Energy Drinks – Part 2

I find it hard as a consumer to know what I’m getting into with these drinks. Lots of them have added vitamins and therefore marketed as “health drinks” or they add ginkgo biloba and it’s marketed as making your mind sharp. Not to mention there are a million studies both for and against these drinks. […]

Energy Drinks – Part 1

I think any trades person that’s been pulling 12’s for a while can admit they have downed at least one or two energy drinks in their day. I know working those long days on those long shifts can seem like you may not make it through. However, energy drinks may actually cause way more harm […]

Diesel Emissions – Part 1

The smell of diesel exhaust is an all too familiar one to any tradesman/women. It just comes with the territory of working on site. Whether you drive a forklift, a diesel rig or your welder is diesel, there are some very serious hazards associated with the fumes these engines are pumping out. As if 2012, […]

Working in the Wind

When we think of hazards due to high winds, we think of cranes and lifts. They are obviously more affected by high winds and shut down at certain speeds. But what about the rest of site? There are still hazards for everyone else on site when it come to those gusty days. Most hazards are […]