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Keep Learning

Some people hate change… And that’s fine if we are talking about the mullet you’ve been rockin since the 80’s or your playlist from Woodstock. However, when it comes to change in workplace safety; you need to embrace it. I know when you’ve been doing something the same way for 20 years and then all […]

Fire Safety While Camping 🔥

What would camping be without a good campfire? That’s where all the action happens, the drinks, the grilling of hamburgers and hotdogs and of course the spooky ghost stories. I would say that anyone who has been camping, that their best memories are sitting around a fire. However, those memories could quickly change from the […]

Happy Victoria Day

Awwwww it’s official… With Victoria Day long weekend, summer has officially kicked off. Even if the weather is horrible this weekend, let the camping season begin!  Please enjoy your long weekend responsibly. Take extra care on the roads; no speeding, no distracted driving and definitely no drinking and driving. Also, take care when it comes […]

Respect at the Workplace

We’ve talked about workplace violence and bullying, but what about good old fashioned respect? They all go hand-in-hand. If people were always treated with respect and respected others, would there even be workplace violence or bullying? Probably not.  I’m not going to bust into the typical “young people nowadays” rant because I have seen 50 […]

Hazards of Excessive Sitting

This is a hazard rarely talked about. Most people don’t think about sedentary jobs when thinking about jobs on site. That’s mostly for office jobs, right? No, actually there are many jobs on site that could have a worker sitting for 8 hours or more, such as crane operators, heavy equipment operators and possibly welders. […]

Labour Laws in B.C.

I have to admit, I never thought, in Canada a 12 year old could step foot on a construction site. I was completely caught off guard when I learned the minimum age for work in British Columbia was 12. This included any type of work such as mining and construction. Could you imagine working with […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Your Mom may have taught you how to tie your shoe, use the potty, and sing the alphabet, however, she (more than likely) won’t be holding your hand on site to walk you through a safe day. Your Mom has made so many sacrifices for you over the years; she’s wiped all your tears, helped […]

Sting Safety

I feel like there is a lot more bark than bite (or should I say sting) when it comes to bees and wasps. The buzz around these tiny little insects is more of a hazard than the sting itself. According to the Montreal Gazette, roughly 40 Canadians die each year from contact with bees or […]

Annual Physicals

We talk a lot about how to avoid hospitals and doctors; of course, we mean the emergency type of visits. But keeping up with your yearly doctor’s appointment is something you should not put off. I’ve worked with people that haven’t been to see a physician in 10-15 years. The general thought process is “I […]