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Hazard Assessment Process Now Online

We are excited to announce we are now offering the ABCS Hazard Assessment Process Training Course. This course will provide you with a better understanding of the hazard assessment process using both legislation and real life examples, making it very relatable. This 6 module course goes over safe work practices and procedures, the 4 steps of hazard assessment, how to calculate frequency and severity, the hierarchy of controls and so much more. With a certificate of completion… It also looks great on a resume. This is a great course for those green workers, it really goes over everything to make you more confident in your role regarding job-site hazard assessment. Also a perfect refresher for those who have been doing this for years and might be missing a step or two and of course everyone in between. Go to our website and check it out. You can do it on any device… Even a cell phone, while in jammies on a Sunday morning. You’re welcome. 😜