Throwback Thursday – Canadian Pacific Railway

When the Canadian Pacific railway was built in 1881, safety was not even a thought. The workers had deplorable working conditions, disease ran rampant and it has been said that two men died for every mile that was built. The CPR at the time was 2920 miles. That’s an estimated 5000 men that died over a 4 year project. This right here is why we have safety today. Sites strive for zero incidents and definitely zero deaths which is very achievable. Take your time, do it safely every time. Make sure your not a statistic down the road.

Throwback Thursday – Rockefeller Center

All the PPE, all the rules to follow, and the constant addition of new safety standards can seem daunting. No matter how consuming it may seem, safety rules and regulations are in place for very good reasons.

Look at this iconic photo from the construction of Rockefeller Center in 1932. Could you imagine working like this? This photo was taken from the 69th floor! NO PPE, NO fall pro….NO safety precautions. Just enjoying a sandwich almost 1000 feet in the air. It’s rumored that at least one worker died for every million spent on this building. Those are not numbers we can work with today. Your life is worth so much more. So, no matter how annoying or time consuming it is to follow safety protocol, it’s your life on the line. Make sure you get home safe to your loved ones.

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