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When it comes to workplace safety, there is a lot to remember. I know it can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve had the same job day-in and day-out and all of a sudden you are expected to do something totally out of your comfort zone. Always ask questions, get clarity.  There are lots of people who want to help you….Like us! 


Obviously we offer many of the safety training courses you need, but also little helpers along the way. Say you’ve been fitting in a fab tent on site for the past 8 months but today needed for a tough fit up on the high line. You need to suit up, fill out a FLHA or JSA and a rescue plan. Great….. 😬 How do you don a harness again? What’s the formula for fall clearance for retractable restraint, oh wait is this a shock absorbing lanyard! That feeling of uncertainty can be daunting… I mean this could possibly be your life. So ask questions, get comfortable with what your task is. You can do this by heading to our YouTube channel. We go over some of the basics, everything from donning and doffing your harness, fall clearance calculations to basic hand signals. Obviously we are aware that you don’t have your phone on you, while on site to click on our YouTube channel (right?).  So ask your foreman if you can take a few minutes in the lunch trailer to get refreshed with what you’re doing. So, go over our videos, ask your safety crew, do whatever is necessary to feel confident in your safety while completing a task.

Now here’s my shameless plug😜… visit our ABCS YouTube channel, …and don’t forget to subscribe! Also checkout theABCS Safety Training Course Catalogue It has most of the courses you will be required to take in industry.