Tire Safety

Whether you’re a foreman, rig welder or the safety officer… your truck takes a beating on site. Most people do their pre-use walkarounds (if you don’t… you should start) but what are you looking for? Lights work ☑️, nothing blocking you ☑️, no leaks ☑️. But when was the last time you checked your tires? This is an often overlooked hazard that can be a life or death one.

Depending on the season, check to make sure you have the proper tire for the weather. 7°C and colder needs winter tires. Do a visual check, noting any excessive wear and tear, holes, nails and cracks. Check your pressure, this is actually listed on the owners manual not on the tire. Check your tread. The best way to do this is stick a quarter in the tread with the Caribou’s nose facing down, towards the tire, if you can still see his whole nose and face… It’s time for new tires.

A 5 second check could be the difference between arriving to your destination safe and sound or blowing a tire on highway 63 and ending up in the hospital or worse. Always check your tires, especially before a long trip.

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