Time Pressure

Every job has a deadline. Every project manager, general manager and foreman is trying to make that deadline. Missing these deadlines can cost exorbitant amounts of money or even future jobs. As frontline workers, us trades people definitely feel the pressure too. However rushing too much is where injuries skyrocket. So where’s the balance?

Here’s a few things to help take the pressure off. Plan ahead. Make sure you have the necessary tools, a good understanding of the task at hand, the correct PPE and the right personnel Start your task when you get it. Don’t slack off till the day before your foreman expects it done, then work like crazy to finish it. Open the line of communication with supervisors. If a deadline is unrealistic, explain that. Maybe offer alternatives. Gentle reminder to your supervisors that rushing a job is unsafe and also affects quality. As for yourself, take time to do the job safely and properly. This doesn’t mean stand around idle, or take a short nap. It means work at a safe and efficient pace. Don’t kill yourself for deadline.

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