Heart Attacks

Us trades people aren’t known for our healthy lifestyle and this is a big factor in heart health. With heart attacks on the rise and happening to younger and younger victims, we need to be prepared. Know the signs and what to do if you or a co-worker is having a heart attack.

Heart attacks are not always clutching your chest and falling on the ground. The symptoms can include any of the following: chest pain, discomfort in your stomach, back, upper body, neck and jaw. It’s not always your left arm but discomfort in your arms is a symptom too. Women seem to get discomfort in the jaw more frequently than men. Also look out for nausea, shortness of breath, unusual fatigue, inability to sleep and some people get cold sweats. If you suspect that you or a co-worker is having a heart attack, jump into action immediately.

The quicker a heart attack is treated the better chances the victim has of making a recovery. Call first responders… Every site has a different emergency response plan. Whether it’s calling site EMS or 911. Know it and use it. Get the victim off their feet and keep them calm. If possible administer aspirin. Your First Aid kit should have some. If the victim stops breathing, start CPR and continue to do so till paramedics arrive.

Knowing the signs and taking swift action could be what saves your life or a coworker’s life. Never ignore the signs or dismiss someone else’s symptoms. And maybe work on having a healthy lifestyle to try and avoid heart attacks all together.

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