We all take shortcuts. Maybe it’s not putting on our seat belt when we are just driving to the wash cart, or not tying off when you’re quickly taking the EWP back up to grab something, or walking through a red tape area because it’s faster. The thing is; shortcuts, both at work and at home, only seem like shortcuts for a while. Eventually, your luck will run out and you’ll get injured or cause somebody else to be. Most of the time, you’re only saving a second or two. I mean how long does it take to click on your seat belt, or gear up and tie off on your lift? ….or walk around a red zone? Think about the alternative… an injury could slow you down for months, or even years, or even be potentially fatal. Are those 5 seconds worth it? If you find yourself taking shortcuts, you need to break that habit. Even if you’re just cutting the corner and walking on your neighbors grass instead of the sidewalk, break the shortcut habit. Make a mental note to do things the correct way. I promise, for the most part you won’t even notice the little bit of extra time it takes. Sometimes the safe way will take a bit longer… and that’s okay, you get paid by the hour right?

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