All I Want for Christmas

(Please read the following with the voice over from a infomercial) Have that hard to buy for person? Maybe pulled the most impossible name for the work secret Santa? What says “I’m wishing you a merry and safe Christmas” more than giving PPE for a gift. The list is endless, gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, ear plugs and respirators. But wait… there’s more! This is the gift that keeps on giving! Your friend or loved one can count on you to be safe in the New year! Okay, the voice over can stop now. All jokes aside, depending on the company or site your friends or family work for, PPE may not be provided. Many workers are responsible to bring their own personal protective equipment. This can lead to them running out of something or making due with what they have, which can lead to injuries. So in all, actuality it’s not a horrible idea to put a few pairs of gloves or ear plugs under the tree this year for that worker you want to see come home safely every day.

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