Working Alone

Working alone sounds like a blast… Grab a nap, check your Instagram maybe throw out a few texts? Except it’s not like that at all. Working alone actually means you’re further away from rescue crews and first aid. If anything happens, it could be deadly.

Working alone is only done if necessary. It’s not a holiday away from your co-workers. There is quite a bit of paperwork that goes into you being a lone ranger.  You and your supervisor will do a hazard assessment and the outcome of that usually determines when check-in’s will be. This may be at every break, every hour or whenever you both deem appropriate. It is your responsibility to check in, so set a timer. Make sure you do your check-in’s on time or an emergency crew could be sent to rescue you. Most times your supervisor will give you a radio to check-in but there may be times where you will be given a number to call into a call center to check-in. I can’t stress enough…it is your responsibility to check-in.

I have worked alone many times and it does sound like a nice break, till you’re out there alone and it sinks-in. Make sure to take extra precautions, work slow and steady. Get the job done and come home safely… And then you can take that well deserved nap.

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