Work Boot Safety

I always say, “3 things to never cheap out on are a mattress, a haircut and work boots”. Ever get a $10 haircut? How’d that work out for you? Yeah, boots are the same, you get what you pay for. So step up your expectations from your boots.

First off, every site will expect your boots to be CSA approved, at least 6″ tall and a raised heal (unless you are an ironworker). Make sure to have the puncture plate. When picking what type of toe you will have, you have your choice of steel, aluminium or composite toes. All of which are good choices. Make sure the sole is durable and slip resistant. If you’re a welder you should consider a metatarsal cover. Don’t forget comfort. Make sure you have room for extra socks in the winter, steel toe boots don’t stretch with wear, so get a good fit. A good pair of work boots are not cheap do your research and take care of them. You may consider adding a polyurethane adhesive to the outside of the toe. It’s inexpensive and will keep your boots new and safe, longer.

Work boots sole purpose is to protect your feet, make sure you buy the proper ones… You don’t want to be dead on your feet at work. Just some foot-for thought, toe-tally worth thinking about though. As for the $10 haircut? Well  another great reason to wear your hard hat.

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