What’s the Real Prize?

I wish every time a worker made a conscious decision to do a task safely, they were rewarded with some sort of prize. Wouldn’t that be nice, gift cards, treats, money, gas cards… All for doing your job safely. What people don’t seem to realize is every time you do a task safely, you are rewarded! I don’t know about you but I’ll take my life, and an injury free one at that, over any gift card or treats any darn day. If you choose to take a shortcut, you are betting with your life or the quality of it. How you leave site every day is a choice you make. Whether it’s in an ambulance, a body bag or your jacked up 4×4 you drove to work in. And even if for some unfathomable reason you are willing to risk your own life, please remember that you could be betting with your co-workers lives too. Look, doing your job safely, is rewarded every day you make it home to your friends and family. So as nice as prizes are, don’t wait for them to be safe.

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