Tiger Torch Safety

During the summer months pre-heating your pipe is the worst, now that it’s cooler outside, everyone loves pre-heating. Tiger torches are a must have for welders and fitters, but they come with some serious hazards if not used properly. Here are some tips to keep those flames on your pipe and not your face.

First do a pre-use inspection on the cylinder, the regulator, the hose and the torch itself. Check for any damage, such as dents in the cylinder or holes in the hose. Check the tag on the cylinder to ensure an inspection has been done in the last ten years. If there’s no tag, inform a supervisor and tag it out. Also check to ensure there is a pressure release valve . The cylinders should always be used and stored in the upright position. Don’t lay them on their side or roll them. They should also always be stored outside. Use a proper wrench to tighten the regulator in to steer clear of leaks. If you smell propane while using it you probably have a leak. Turn off the tank and torch and disconnect then reconnect properly. You need to have a fire extinguisher with you if using a tiger torch. Always be careful to turn off the torch and the tank. When lighting the torch,  always hold away from any personnel and use a striker. Never use a cigarette lighter or matches, you should not even have either one of these things on you, leave it in the lunch trailer. Only use tiger torches for the proper applications, they are not meant to heat your toes or to melt ice off another propane tank (that should go without saying… but just incase). When you are finished, always disconnected the tiger torch, never store a cylinder still connected to the regulator and torch.

Tiger torches are a day-to-day tool in the trades. But you need to remember that they are still compressed gas with flames shooting out the end and have obvious hazards that come with them, so use cautiously.

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