EWP Anchor Points

We obviously all know the importance of tying off while wearing fall protection and working on EWPs. But it’s not just as simple as attaching your lanyard to whatever is close by. It has to be done correctly; there are some serious do’s and don’ts in regard to tying off. Let’s go over them. When on an EWP, you must only tie off to approved anchors. These anchors must be authorized by the manufacturer, not the handrail your partner says he’s been using for years. (Please! never tie off to handrails and make sure no one else does either!). Each anchor has been made to withstand the fall arrest force of one person, so never double up.  Overloading on an anchor could result in failure of the anchor during a fall… Which is kinda when you need it the most… Just saying. Make sure you don’t tie off to anything other than approved anchors such as handrails (just touched on this above), and other parts of the lift or any other structures. Doing so can leave you in a situation similar to the above cartoon or worse. If the EWP is moved, you will be pulled from the platform. So, just clip on to your approved anchor in your lift. If you don’t have training, get it before you step foot on that lift (P.S we can help you with that!). Even if you have all your tickets, be sure you are familiar with the operators manual and have been deemed competent by a supervisor. Then it should be smooth sailing!

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