Back to Work

The dreaded day back to work is finally here for all of us. Most of us are a few pounds heavier, ready for bankruptcy and definitely feeling the back to work blues. So how do we focus and safely get back into the swing of things? Here are a few things I try to do.

Try to arrive at work a bit early, get caught up with co-workers before your shift starts. After your morning safety meeting, take a walk around your work area. Do a thorough check of where things are, if they have been moved, if they’re still safe. Take note of the locations for the first aid kits, eye washing stations, emergency off switches and other important areas. I know you already know, but trust me, it’s a great idea to give yourself a good refresher. Go over all hazard or warning signs in your work area, again it’s great for you to visually see them. Do a very detailed JHA/FLRA. Get co-workers involved, make sure you’re all on the same page. Take micro breaks during the day to check that you’re focused on the task at hand. Ease yourself back into work… This doesn’t mean slacking, it means working at a slightly slower speed till you can safely kick up the pace. If you show up guns blazing the first day back, an injury is sure to follow.

Everyone hates the first few days or even weeks back to work after the holidays. But we have to work off that holiday weight and debt somehow. Just be sure to stay focused and stay safe, the alternative could be an extended holiday… And not the fun kind.

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