Treating Cuts and Scrapes

Lots of times when a trades person gets a minor cut or scrape they throw electrical tape over it and keep working. I’m not sure if this is because they are worried about getting into trouble, if they are trying to act tough or they are just that hard of a worker that they don’t want to slow down. No matter what the reason is… It’s not a good one. Some of the tiniest cuts and scrapes can lead to much larger injuries later on, if not treated. I had a co-worker that walked into a pile of metal on the ground. It ripped though his coveralls and cut his leg. It seemed like a very insignificant cut. The worker wiped away his blood and carried on. I can’t remember how long after, but he ended up getting a blood infection and had a lengthy stint in the hospital. Think of how dirty our work sites are! The amount of germs kicking around! Every cut or scrap needs to be treated right away, by cleaning it and covering it. Better safe than sorry.

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