Happy Mother’s Day

Your Mom may have taught you how to tie your shoe, use the potty, and sing the alphabet, however, she (more than likely) won’t be holding your hand on site to walk you through a safe day. Your Mom has made so many sacrifices for you over the years; she’s wiped all your tears, helped you with homework, and had many sleepless nights. Don’t throw that all away by making a careless mistake at work. The biggest gift you can give to your Mom, is to come home safe everyday… I mean some flowers would be nice too 😉. So make sure you’re always safe at work, think of your Mom, think of how heartbroken she’d be if anything happened to you. Wowser… Guilt trip hey? I’m a Mom, we are really good at those! 🤫 But seriously… Be safe and have a happy Mother’s Day.

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