Did you know that having your safety tickets is just the first step? Just because you passed your elevated work platform on a JLG in an open warehouse does not give you free rein to start maneuvering a 1850SJ under the high line. You need to be deemed competent. This is an important step often overlooked. Just like a driving a car, you need practice. It is your responsibility (and your employers) to ensure you are competent on that piece of equipment as well as competent using it for the task and location at hand.

Be honest. Tell your foreman you just received your ticket and need practice. They will most likely pair you up with someone who’s experienced. This way you can watch a competent worker and get hands-on experience till you feel comfortable.

Always keep a look out, watch other workers and ask questions. Do not operate machinery until you feel comfortable. Remember, it’s your job on the line if you cause property damage or hurt someone else. Most importantly it’s your life on the line.

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