Backup Safety

Some of the heavy equipment on sites can be impossible to backup without a spotter.  Or if you’re like me, a car is just as impossible. (I’m not a bad driver, just parking challenged). Whatever you’re driving you need to follow the right precautions while backing up to save property from being damaged and most importantly prevent injury or death.

Most sites nowadays have a spotter policy while backing up. Meaning any time you backup anything you must have a spotter. I know you may be thinking you don’t need a spotter to backup your company pickup truck, however pickup trucks lead to more injuries on work sites than any other vehicle.

I would recommend following these steps whether you have a spotter or not. Always do a walk around your vehicle before even getting in. Check to make sure your tail lights and back up alarm are in good working order. Also note any hazards. Flag off stationary equipment that could be missed while backing up. You can even use barricades to prevent anything from backing into said equipment. Of course always watch where you are going, whether over your shoulder or via backup camera. If possible drive through a parking spots, this will remove backing up from the equation. I highly recommend always using a spotter. If you are using a spotter make sure they are wearing high res vests to help maintain constant visual contact. Stop the vehicle if visual contact is lost.

These simple steps will make backing up a breeze. It only takes a couple extra minutes to do this, but it could save from days of paperwork or the alternative.

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