Anti Safety

I know so many people still roll their eyes when they see the white hats approaching… And it’s common thought that safety people have no idea how to do your job but they still tell you how to do it. Here’s the thing though, they don’t need to know how to weld, fit or pull cable, to know if you’re doing it safely….because they may not know your trade but they know safety. If you’re an electrician you wouldn’t be giving a welder tips… but you definitely know your stuff when it comes to electrical, right? Same with safety officers, they aren’t trying to tell you how to do your job… They just want you to do it safely. In all my time in the field, I have never had a safety worker tell me how to run a bead. So, I’m not sure where this misconception came from. I’m just throwing this out there… But if you trust that you know your stuff, you should trust that your safety crew knows theirs. So, I know you all love your cracks at safety and your safety memes and I’m all for a good laugh, but please do not buy into any anti safety rhetoric. Your life actually depends on it.

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