Annual Physicals

We talk a lot about how to avoid hospitals and doctors; of course, we mean the emergency type of visits. But keeping up with your yearly doctor’s appointment is something you should not put off. I’ve worked with people that haven’t been to see a physician in 10-15 years. The general thought process is “I feel great” or “I’ll wait until I’m sick”. Unfortunately, some illnesses may take 10 years to show signs or symptoms, and if caught early enough, could have been taken care of before they were life threatening. Depending on your age, you may have different tests to endure at your physical. No one looks forward to these tests, but think how much better you’ll feel when they are done and you can rest easy with a clean bill of health. It’s one less thing on your mind distracting you at work; thereby, keeping you safer at the workplace….that alone is worth the visit.

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