Working in the Fog

This time of year, if it’s not the snow, ice, or cold, it’s the wind making our Canadian winters almost unbearable. However; one of the lovely weather hazards often overlooked, is fog. Working in dense fog causes serious vision limitations. Depending on many factors, certain tasks may come to a standstill; such as crane operations and most other lifts. So, how do the rest of us protect ourselves from the hazards caused by fog?

Make yourself visible, be sure that you’re wearing a high res vest. You can also (and probably should) add high res stripes to your hard hat and gloves. Keep your head up for vehicles or moving equipment; there is a good chance they can’t see you, so watch out for them. If you’re operating equipment or driving, go slow and don’t ride someone’s tail. The low visibility caused by fog can make items appear further away than they actually are. Always have your headlights and/or fog lights on if operating any type of vehicle and make sure they work before you hit the road.

The hazards that come with Canadian winters seem never ending, but ones we have to live with regardless. Fog can happen anytime of the year, but most common in the winter. Fortunately, we only have a couple of months of winter left!

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