Full Body Harnesses

A full body harness is a body-holding device designed to distribute force to your torso and upper legs during and after a fall. Full body harnesses have four main functions:

  1. To securely hold your body during free fall, deceleration and final stop, commonly referred to as arrest.
  2. To distribute arrest forces to the parts of your body that are able to absorb the forces without significant injury.
  3. To keep your body in an upright or near upright position after a fall and until you are rescued, and
  4. To allow you to do your work without restricting your movement.

Some people may mistakenly believe that a safety belt can be used in place of a full body harness for fall arrest. This is not true as a safety belt is only meant to hold you in position; therefore, it cannot be used when the potential for a fall exists. It’s important to note that safety belts are banned from various work sites. Remember, you must always adhere to your site specific rules and regulations.