Safety Statistics in Alberta

I know safety talks can get dry and boring. Most of the time we are thinking “I work safe, why do I have to sit through this?” But here’s the thing… Everyone “says” they work safe, yet injuries and deaths are still happening. Just like drinking and driving… No one does it, yet accidents and deaths are still happening.  So let’s get real for a quick minute. Here are some stats from the government of Alberta regarding injuries and deaths in the workplace in 2017. Approximately 3 in 100 workers were injured. An average of 29 workers are injured every day from overexertion. Men are 1.5 times more likely to get injured than women. The highest risk is for those aged 15-24. 134 workplace deaths happened in 2017 in Alberta. 35 of them workplace incidents. The stats for 2018 are not completed yet but I can already tell you from the available information from the government of Alberta that workplace deaths are up. So, please tell me again how everyone is working safely! We can do better than this. YOU can do better!

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