Spring Melt Down Part 2

Potholes are inevitable in these parts of the country. Spring is when all the new ones make their debut. Also, these pesky annoyances usually don’t get repaired until summer, so we need to deal with them for the next few months. It may feel like you’re in a boxing match with all the bobbing and weaving you’ll be doing while trying to avoid them. Sadly, that’s all you really can do. Only avoid them where you can, safely. Yes, I know they cause damage to your car but so does an accident with another vehicle. So be very cautious that you are not swerving into oncoming traffic or sideswiping another vehicle.

This time of year you also want to make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape even if it’s a company vehicle. I’d recommend a good check on your entire vehicle. Our winters are just as harsh on our vehicles as they are on us. Check your tires, brakes, wipers and make sure all your fluids are topped up. I’d also suggest having an extra washer fluid in the trunk. With muddy conditions you can go through washer fluid super fast and definitely don’t want to be driving like Ace Ventura just so you can see.

Now, I know once the roads don’t have snow, lots of us get the urge to crack the window, turn the music up and hit that gas pedal. This is such a bad idea for so many reasons.
1- Speeding causes around a quarter of all traffic fatalities and also according to the Canadian Association of Chief of Police, speed is the cause of 19% of serious injuries.
2- It can cost you a ton of cash and demerits.
3- If you’re in a company vehicle, you may lose your job.
So save your Mario Andretti moves for video games.

By this time every year, we are all over winter and look forward to spring. It seriously can’t come quickly enough. While you enjoy the warmer air and that great smell of spring while driving with your windows finally down, just remember all the hazards you could face and be prepared.

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