Site Waste

Keeping a tidy work site is a little more than keeping garbage and debris off the ground. Yes, we must pick up all our trash, keeping the ground free of tripping hazards. But where are we putting that garbage? If you think at the end of the day you can throw everything into a garbage bin and call it a day… You’re dead wrong. There are so many trades on one site, using everything from solvents to metals to wood. These items can’t be mixed. Every site will have different bins for different types of waste. No, this isn’t to make more work for you. It’s for safety. Do you think mixing combustibles with electrical scrap and wood sounds safe? It’s not! So take the time to put your scrap metals into the appropriate bin. Make sure to round any sharp edges and use proper gloves when handling scraps. Please remove any nails from wood before disposing of it. Not only are nails made of metal and have no business in the wood bin but protruding nails are a serious safety hazard. When disposing of combustibles make sure you are using an approved safety disposal can. No matter what you’re disposing of, be sure not to over fill the bin. Let a supervisor know it needs to be emptied. It only takes an extra two seconds of your time. Plus you can go home not only knowing you helped make a safe work environment but you also helped the planet by properly recycling. Good job!

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