Safety Stand Downs

As trades people, I know safety stand-downs can seem like a hassle. You may feel they interrupt you right in the middle of your tasks, take time out of our day and talk dry, boring safety. But, maybe you are looking at the glass half empty? Safety stand-downs (or sometimes referred to as safety reconnect) are a great way to press the reset button. Yes, they interrupt your task but that’s a perfect time to refocus and reassess the safety hazards that you’re dealing with. Complacency happens all too often. So an interruption in your daily routine is a great way to shake things up. Yes, they also take time out of your day, but it’s a great way for supervisors to speak directly to the workers. This is the time to really listen and also use your voice. Site supervisors are just a busy as you, if not more, so for them to put a halt on their own work to talk safety… is a pretty big deal. It’s also comforting to know the big wigs care about your safety too. And yes, safety can be dry and boring, but so is filling out forms at hospitals, doctors offices and WCB. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re also being paid by the hour, so is it really that bad? Safety stand-downs can happen out of the blue to help workers press that reset button and they can also happen because there has been too many near misses or a serious incident has occurred. Whatever the reason, don’t treat it as a hassle, treat it as a fresh start.

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