Safe Snow Removal (Part 1)

It’s that time of year again… Shoveling season! Yay… Said no one ever. Look no one likes shoveling snow but it goes with the territory here in Canada. Not only does shoveling (for lack of a better word) suck but if done incorrectly, can cause some serious injuries. So let’s learn a few ways to make it a little less painless.

First you need to dress the part. Parts of BC and Alberta can easily drop to -30°C or colder. Make sure you have a toque under your hard hat, warm gloves and something covering your face if needed. Dress in layers. You want to be able to easily remove a layer or two if you start to sweat. You want to avoid sweating in the cold. If you soak your clothes, hyperthermia could be a factor, depending on the temperature outside. Most sites require a traction aid, if not you still may want to get some. They definitely prevent slips and trips on snow and ice making them great for when you have to shovel. Okay, you’re geared up, now come back tomorrow and we’ll go over proper technique.

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