The Right Tool for the Job 

Always use the right tool for the job. That’s a phrase you’ll hear on every site, yet most people will cut corners. Even though you think you’re saving time by using the wrong tool to get the task at hand done quickly, you’re actually causing yourself more work and more problems… A lot more problems!

First off, you are at least doubling the amount of effort you need to put in. Think about it, if you’re using a screwdriver to hammer something in, you will be there forever. Not to mention the amount of force your body will have to put in. There is a good chance you’ll end with an injury after all that unnecessary grunt work.

Then there is cost… The cost of breaking the tool you were using, the property damage to what you were working on and the cost of getting someone else to redo the job properly. Also the embarrassment when they get a first year to fix your work!

Always take the time to get the proper tool for what you’re working on.  If your employer doesn’t have it, it’s their responsibility to find you what you need. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never rig something up. Every job has a tool designed specifically for it, so use it and stay safe and problem free… Got 99 problems and the wrong tool ain’t one.

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