Proper Pushing

Even though you are not lifting or bending while pushing a load, you can still cause some serious harm to yourself. There is a misconception that pushing a load is never hazardous and that’s why workers will take a running start and throw themselves into it. Which more often than not, can lead to you also throwing your back out. Here is a quick look at things you can do to prevent this.

You want to stay square to the load. Make sure your hands are square with your shoulders and  your feet shoulder width apart. Be sure not to twist your back or knees. And take extra precautions against slipping (I’ve done this… And if you don’t physically injure yourself, your ego will take a beating). Always remember that you are not expected to be a hero, ask for help if you need it.

Keep in mind, you could be putting all your body weight into pushing something, if it goes off target that’s a lot of force to reel back in. So be sure to use proper pushing techniques to keep your back… and your ego feeling great.

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