I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely finding things a little tougher to see as I gracefully age (that’s what we are going to call it… Okay!) I used to be able to fit and fab something up in the fab tent, with the smallest of light aiding me. Now, it’s like I need the Luxor Lamp just to grind. Lighting in the workplace is something we often overlook because we mostly work outside. However, adequate lighting doesn’t just make our tasks easier, it makes them a whole lot safer too. Here’s some quick tips to make sure you’re seeing things safely.

If you have fixed lighting in your work area, check to make sure bulbs and fixtures are clean. If they are covered in dust, grime, and grinding dust, they won’t be giving off the amount of light they are intended to give off. Have a schedule to change bulbs. If you wait till they burn out, they will often get forgotten about. Now, if you’re working in a fab tent, hoarding or any other temporary work area, you will need temporary lighting. There are tons of different options for temp lighting. Your supervisor will supply you with what is best for the job. Always make sure to keep lighting 8 feet off the ground (if this is possible). Be sure you have the proper power source for the light and protect the bulb area. Most temporary lighting will come with bird cages, if not, throw one on, just to be safe. This should go without saying… but keep all electrical away from anything wet or combustible.

I know none of us want to admit we are aging, but trying to fight it, is a losing battle. For you young guns, if you don’t want to end up like us old fogies… make sure you have proper lighting to do your task. Not only will it save your eyes, being able to see what you’re doing and see your surroundings, could save you from an injury, accident, or worse.

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