Kind of a Big Deal

Safety is our passion and we want share it with everyone. Bottom line… we need more followers to do that! So, we need your help. This contest couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do is like this post, like us on Facebook or Instagram. Tag as many of your friends that you would like. Whoever has the most friends that like our page, will win a set of hockey tickets to the Oilers game on March 7 against the Cunucks. Your friends won’t be left out either. All your friends who were tagged by you and liked one of our pages will also be randomly selected for a $100 gift card for food and drinks for a pub or restaurant close by Rogers Place and another lucky friend will win an ABCS swag bag! That’s the chance at a full meal deal just for liking our page. A night out to the game, with a  friend who has a gift card for celebratory drinks after the game (if they win) or comfort food for a loss ☹️ and some new gear for another friend too! This contest is kind of a big deal right? So, come on people, help us hit a bigger number of followers and one lucky winner will have a free night on us! So start liking and tagging! Good luck!

This contest is in no way paid for or affiliated with Facebook or Instagram. Winners will be chosen by highest amount of friends tagged (who also liked our pages). All their friends names who did so, will be put into a hat and randomly chosen, one for a $100 gift card and one for an ABCS swag bag. Hockey tickets will be sent via email. Gift card and swag bag will need to be picked up at out Edmonton office. (Gift card can be mailed if needed but will take longer)

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