Job Site Cleanliness

 Job site cleanliness is not in place to bring back those horrible memories of your mom and dad nagging you to clean your room. There are actually some very serious safety risks that coincide with a messy workplace. Consider the following points to help prevent injuries or nagging will ensue.

  1. Always keep walkways, stairs and scaffolding clear from any debris. A trip or fall from any height can cause serious injury.
  2. Store and dispose of flammables and explosives properly. You should have safety cabinets available for storing and separate disposal bins. Keep both away from any ignition source. 
  3. Cords, welding cable and hoses need to be out of the way. Run them overhead or use a drop over cover. 
  4. Keep the ground and work tables free of tools and debris when not in use. Putting things back in their place makes things easy to find and out of the way.
  5. Hammer or bend in any nails or screws. This goes for weld spatter on work surfaces too. It just takes a second to grind it flush.

Always take an extra minute or two to clean up after yourself. Be confident that no one, including yourself, will suffer an injury due to your sloppiness.

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