JHA (Job Hazard Analysis), FLRA (Field-Level Risk Assessments) and JSA (Job Safety Analysis) are just a few of the more common terms used on sites. No matter what name you give them, they are a morning ritual on every site. I know it can feel redundant filling out the same card every day especially if you’re doing the same job day-in and day-out. But these cards are designed for a specific purpose and that’s your safety. JHA’s help you detail the hazards you may encounter during the day, this is something that you should go over to help you stay alert and to avoid complacency. So the worker that has a fully filled JHA in their back pocket and copies their card everyday is not doing themselves any favors. Or, the person who is working in a group and signs on to the JHA without reading it, is also not doing themselves any favors. You need to look around and think about what you will be doing. If you think it will be the same as the previous day, chances are it won’t. Things can change drastically from day-to-day on site, from weather, additional workers in your area making it congested, to new construction, anything and everything changes and that makes your hazards change too. Completing a card thoroughly only takes 15-20 minutes… And if your safety wasn’t enough to make you do a JHA properly, you also get paid to do them. You should have just as much pride in your safety as your workmanship.

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