Jewelry on the Job

I know wearing all your gold and diamonds to work might sound fabulous, but there are some serious flaws with doing so. Most sites don’t allow your to wear it at all.  If you do wear it, there is a chance your bling may go unnoticed, giving you the idea that it’s okay or that you just look that good; but that’s not the case. Wearing any jewelry is a serious hazard. You may think just because your jewelry is small and you are not rockin’ a Lil Wayne chain that it’s perfectly safe. But the truth is, size doesn’t matter. Even a small chain can get stuck on moving parts and pull you in, causing lacerations, breaks and death. Even if you’re not working on heavy equipment, just tripping and catching your ring on the way down can lead to ring avulsion (this means all the flesh is torn away from the bone). Wearing any metal on your body will conduct a current, meaning that even a small incident can lead to some gruesome burns where your jewelry is located. Not to mention when a normally harmless swollen finger is now a trip to the ER to get the jaws of life (okay I’m being dramatic) to cut the ring off so you don’t lose your finger (that’s not being dramatic, the ring will cut off blood flow and you will lose it). I know this is hard for some people who want to wear their wedding bands, I get it, eternal love and all that stuff. But keeping all of your digits is a huge romantic jester if you ask me. Make it a habit to take off all your jewelry every morning before heading to work, keep it safe at home. This will keep your bling shiny, new and most importantly, you, all intact for another day of flashing all your swagger.

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