Impalement Hazards

Every site pouring concrete (which is all of them) will use rebar. Rebar; which is short for reinforcement bar, is used to add strength to concrete structures but of course it comes with it’s own hazards. These bars stand straight up and are made of steel so they can cause all sorts of injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and, the most dangerous of all, impalement. There are definitely a few things we can do to prevent these injuries.

To prevent an impalement injury, the rebar should be guarded. There are few ways to do this. You can cap the rebar using plastic (with a metal plate inside) square rebar caps. These should be at least 4 inches by 4 inches. Or you can use a mushroom cap. These are round plastic caps that should measure 4.5 inches in diameter. You can also use a wood trough. This is a piece of wood that will give coverage to an entire row of rebar at a time. In some cases you might use pre bent rebar to eliminate the hazard. If for some reason the area cannot be guarded, then red flagging and signage needs to be placed.

Impalement injuries are terrifying! We have all seen an internet video or two of a worker with a piece of metal through his arm, face or body. Even if the worker was to live after an injury like that… their quality of life would definitely be altered. So, take the time and always guard rebar.

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