Harness Fit

Okay, you’re wearing a harness! Yay, that’s half the battle. But are you wearing it correctly? If you’re just throwing it on without adjusting or checking it, you might as well not bother. If it’s just hanging off you, it likely will not even work in the case of a fall, or you could find yourself in a situation like Mr. Red Hat here. It only takes a minute or two to ensure you have it on properly and those two minutes could save your life, save you from a serious injury, or at least save you from a harness wedgie 😬. If you’re working at heights, you will always have a partner, so get in the habit of checking each others harness for the correct fit. You don’t want to get stuck “hanging out” with your partner all day, do you? For step-by-step instructions on how to don and doff your gear, head over to our YouTube page.

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