Hand Signals

When it comes to rigging I’m kind of a geek. I once pulled my family over while in the U.S. to watch a huge lift. They are fascinating, there is so much that goes into these lifts. Whether pulling a small piece of pipe to your station with an overhead crane, or a crazy lift on site, hand signals are a must.

Make sure you know them if you’re participating in the lift. If you’re unsure, sit this one out and observe, don’t participate until you are confident with them. Make sure all workers communicate a review of the hand signals before they begin the lift. Pick one signal person. When doing signals, do them slowly and exaggerated, make sure the operator can see you clearly. Do a distinct move to show a signal is over before starting a new one. As for the operator, never respond to an unclear signal. And always remember that a “stop” signal is to be followed, no matter who gives it.

There is so much more to these lifts than just hand signals and if you want to be more than a spectator like me on the side of the road, take our rigging course, learn the in’s and out’s and be a confident participant in some amazing lifts.

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