Eye Safety

I know, I know another PPE post! We can’t drill this in hard enough. Not wearing the correct safety glasses or any at all just for a second could cause you a lifetime of pain. Think about life without your sight… It doesn’t look good. I know they are not the most fashionable accessory but neither are eye patches? Here are a few things to think about when it comes to protecting your eyes.

In some cases you will need double the protection or a different kind of eye protection. When grinding, it’s advised that you wear a face shield… This doesn’t mean your safety glasses come off. Same with welding, make sure your glasses are under that lid. There are tons of hazards on site that are harmful to your eyes, grinding dust, wood particles, welding flash, chemical splash, slag or even the dust flying around.  You need something protecting those eyes every second.

If you wear prescription glasses you have two options, you can get prescription safety glasses, make sure they are CSA approved and have side shields or you can add them after too. You can also wear an over the glasses type of goggles. These will fit right over your day to day glasses. Wearing contacts to site is not recommended.  

You may need extra accessories for specific jobs. When working at heights you will need a strap, working with chemicals requires fully enclosed goggles and a foam gasket always helps keep debris out. Whatever the task is, make sure your eyes will see the light of another day. Always protect them with CSA approved safety glasses.

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