Entering an Active Work Zone

If you’re working on a larger site you can’t just “enter” an active work zone. You will have to check-in with security, sign-in and get a worker I.D. However, if you’re working on a smaller site, it can be a bit confusing. Did you know there is proper etiquette? Well there is; first, slow down and turn your hazard lights on. Then make eye contact with traffic control and hold your lid or high res vest out the window to show you are a worker, not a member of the public that took a wrong turn. Once given the right of way by traffic control, continue onto site. If everyone just drove onto site without doing this, it would be impossible to identify people who don’t belong there. Anyone on site who is not meant to be there and is without the proper training, is a threat to every worker there. So take the extra 5 seconds and always identify yourself when entering an active work zone.

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