Drugs and Alcohol

I remember going for my first drug and alcohol test before heading up to Fort Mac. I asked the nurse testing me if anyone’s ever failed the alcohol portion. I was shocked to hear that at least once a week someone comes in and is so intoxicated they can’t let them drive!  Look I know we all like to have a drink or two after a hard week at work or a long stint in camp, I’m totally game for that. But when it starts affecting your work and especially the safety of others… then we have problem. We all need to know the signs of alcohol and substance abuse at the workplace.

The usual signs of substance abuse and excessive drinking include but are not limited to, poor performance at work, lack of interest at work, poor grooming, being late and leaving early, excessive trips to the bathroom, agitated, anxious, blood shot eyes, smells of alcohol, weight loss, tired and very defensive if questioned about any of these. Someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not alert enough to keep safety a top priority; therefore, they need to be removed from site. You are not “ratting” on them or “telling” on them you are protecting your safety. If you suspect someone is under the influence at work, please report it to your foreman.  They will get the help they need and you can feel safe on the job.

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