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Connecting Component Hazards and Cautions

When using anchor connectors, carabiners, and snap hooks (connecting components):

  • Take into account the additional length of anchor connectors when calculating your fall clearance, which is the distance from a specified reference point, such as your working platform or anchorage, to the highest obstruction that you might encounter during a fall.
  • Ensure that the included angle between the legs of the anchor sling is less than 45 degrees.

Be aware of the potential for an improper or incomplete connection between the D-Ring and the connector. These types of connections can occur when the inside diameter of the D-Ring is very close to the width of a connector, whether it is an anchor or anchorage connector, a carabiner, or snap hook. In these situations, when attempting to engage the connector with the D‑Ring, it feels like the connector is properly connected when, in fact, the connector is only sitting inside of the D-Ring and will come apart during a fall.

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