Cold Stress Part 2

Signs of hypothermia include shivering, cold, pale skin, clumsiness and slurring of words. If you notice this in yourself or a coworker get to somewhere warm quickly. If you have any wet clothing, change it out for dry clothing. Use dry blankets or clothing to warm up. Put something on your head to keep the heat in. Drink a warm drink and keep moving. Signs of moderate hypothermia include slowed breathing, your shivering has now stopped, your heart rate may be slower as well and confusion has set in. If you see these signs in yourself or in a co-worker get emergency crews or call 911, put on warm items… Anything you can find, such as toe and hand warmers or even something that’s been on a heat vent on the person’s groin, head and chest. Make sure to warm hands and feet. Signs of severe hypothermia are extremely cold bluish skin, extremely hard to find a pulse (or any regular pulse if found), muscle or limb stiffness and unconsciousness or extreme sleepiness. If you see signs of this, call emergency crews or 911, handle your coworker with extreme caution, sudden jolt at this point could disrupt their heart rhythm. Get the victim inside and warm very slowly. Always take the first signs of hypothermia seriously, even the most mild of cases can always evolve into a severe case. Tomorrow, we will continue on with all you need to know about frostbite.

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