Christmas Light Safety (Part 2)

Now when it comes to hanging your lights, never use nails, staples, tacks or anything that can puncture the protective coating on the cord. Especially anything metal… It conducts electricity, remember. Try plastic hooks or clips instead, the clips are much quicker too! Make sure to keep cords out of walkways or hanging where someone could get caught up in them. If you have to run cords along the ground, secure them so no one trips. Also try and keep the plugs out of the snow. You can buy handy little plastic boxes to cover them or use some extra plastic leftover containers, cut room for the cords and snap on the lid (thank you Pinterest).

While hanging your lights, please use normal ladder safety. Place your ladder on a firm solid surface, get someone to hold it in place at all times, always have 3 points of contact and do not stand on the top rung. Depending on the type of ladder you’re using (extension or step ladder) ensure your ladder is locked. If you’re using an extension ladder it needs to be 3 feet above your roof. Just because you’re not on site, doesn’t mean safety goes out the window.

We all want to have that amazing Griswold moment when you unveil your Christmas lights for the first time and they are so awesome you temporarily lose your sight. But other than seeing spots from your intense light show, we don’t want you having any other injuries this holiday season. So be safe and bright.

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