Avoiding Back Injury

Regardless of what trade you work in, lifting will be included in your duties. Back injuries are one of the top reported injuries on sites, so know the proper way to handle a heavy lift.

First thing is to warm up. You know the warm up your foreman makes you do every morning, this is why. Even though trying to touch your toes is impossible (it’s all the PPE… wink-wink) it’s necessary. The more you warm up your muscles the less chance you have of injury.

You also need to know the proper technique. Ever see a toddler pick something up off the floor? They usually have perfect posture. Somewhere along the way we lose that and start bending at the waist. Always lift with your knees, have a firm grip, keep items close to your body and always use your core (this may even help you reach those toes.. eventually).

Know your limits. If something is too heavy, get help. If you start to get sore, take a break. A back injury can put you out for months, if not longer. So do what you need to avoid it. It’s pretty standard that 50 lbs is the maximum you are allowed to lift unassisted and that doesn’t mean you have to lift it alone if it’s under 50 lbs. I can’t stress this enough…don’t try and be a hero…get help. Except when you’re trying to touch those toes…sorry that one is all you.

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