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H2S – Typical Sites and Locations

Here is another snippet from our “soon to be released” H2S course. To keep our courses engaging, we include a mix of animation, video, pictures and set it all with a little background guitar for any music enthusiasts out there…well that part is a bit of a stretch. None the less, we hope you find […]

Fall Clearance, Arresting Force and Free Fall Distance – 3D Animation – (Light-Hearted Version)

ABCS is introducing their new 3D character named “Abel Wiseman” who is wearing a full-body harness and shock absorbing lanyard. He is using a cable wrap connected to an I-beam that serves as his anchorage. Understanding fall clearance, arresting force and free fall distance is key to safely using a personal fall arrest system. With […]

Swing Fall, Clearance and Self Retracting Devices

Swing fall is a key component to safely using a personal fall arrest system. This 3D animation uses simple language to demonstrate swing fall. It explains how to set up your personal fall arrest system to minimize a potential swing fall and how to calculate your clearance when using a full body harness and a […]