3 Points of Contact

Whether you’re exiting an excavator, hiking up stairs or climbing to the top of the high line, maintaining 3 points of contact could save you from a nasty spill. Here are some rules to go by.

When exiting equipment or even a worksite pickup don’t jump out or slide down. Maintain contact by using the handles and steps provided. Take a quick look to see the hazards below such as ice or puddles and take appropriate precautions to avoid them. When using stairs, always use the railing. When using ladders, go slow to maintain contact. Have both your hand on the ladder before stepping out. This would be impossible to do while carrying tools, so make sure to use a tool hoist instead of carrying them. Be careful to stay inside the side rails, don’t lean out for any reason. Always check the condition of the ladder, whether fixed or not. Watch for hazards such as ice or mud that could make the climb slippery. Note that a fixed ladder should continue 3 feet past the landing. If not notify your foreman, they can call the right people to fix it. Fixed ladders will also have cages, these are the last line of defense and won’t stop you from falling so do not count on them.

I know maintaining 3 point contact slows things down a bit, but rushing is when accidents happen and hey, you get paid by the hour.. win, win!

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