ABCS Fall Protection
Instructor Training


In addition to direct training provision by ABCS employed instructors, ABCS also trains “contract instructors” through our instructor certification program. These contract instructors then train their own employer’s employees, members, contractors, or customers using ABCS accredited and certified programs. If your company is located outside Alberta and bids on contracts in Alberta where trained employees are required for your projects, you may wish to explore our Instructor certification program. This program may also significantly reduce costs for any companies that train workers on a regular basis.

Currently, ABCS contract instructors are located in PE, NB, ON, SK, MN, NWT, AB, and BC with 58 currently certified to teach Fall Protection, 28 EWP, 51 Confined Space and 6 Fire Watch.


The objective of the Instructor Training Program is to provide the contract instructor with the resources, materials, and knowledge required to successfully deliver ABCS training programs including evaluating participant proficiency and providing feedback.


Alberta BC Safety (ABCS Safety Training Inc.) maintains a web based database. Contract instructors have access to all of their own training records (workers they have trained).


ALL of ABCS’s courses have similar administrative processes which make it easier for the instructor who teaches more than one course.


Description Cost * Duration
Application Fee $0.00 * One time
Provider Maintenance Fee $750 * Annual
Instructor Fee (per instructor) $250 * Annual
Student Packages (per package) $49.60 * Minimum 30
* The application process is free. Once the application has been approved, there is a $750 annual provider maintenance fee as well as a $250 annual instructor fee (per instructor). These fees cover all administration costs including the management of course submissions, data entry, IT support, instructor binder, and instructor certification renewals/audits. Each instructor must also purchase 30 student packages at a price of $49.60 per student package. *

If you would like a complete information package emailed to you, please call us Toll-Free at 1 (844) 707-2227.